Performance indicators

In recent years, further development of the forestry sector of our country, ensuring the full and rational use of the rich potential of forest resources, increasing the efficiency of the use of forest fund lands, advanced scientific- consistent reforms are being carried out, including current issues such as introduction of technical achievements, active attraction of foreign investments and development of ecological tourism.

It should be noted that in 2017, the total land area of the forest fund is 10.5 mln. ha (23.4% of the total land area of our country), now it is 12 mln. hectares (26.7 percent of the total land area of our country), that is, as a result of afforestation activities carried out over a period of more than five years, the land area of the forest fund is 1.5 million. multiplied by hectares.

1 million in the dry bottom of the Aral Sea. On the area of 700,000 hectares, "green covers" - protective forests were established from desert plants.

85.5 percent (10 million 260 thousand hectares) of the land area of the forest fund is desert, 13.2 percent (1 million 584 thousand hectares) is mountain, 0.2 percent (24 thousand hectares) is valley, 1, 1 percent (132 thousand hectares) consists of forest areas.

One of the main activities in the field is the preparation of seeds of trees and shrubs for afforestation, establishment of nurseries and nurseries, and greening activities. Extensive work is being done in this direction as well.

For example, in 2017, 290 tons of tree and shrub seeds were accumulated, and in 2022, they reached 1.7 thousand tons, that is, the growth rate increased by 6 times, and in 2017, 34 million tons were collected. if sprouts and seedlings were grown, in 2022 113 mln. grains are grown, that is, the growth rate is increased by 3 times.

In addition, the total rapidly growing land area of the forest fund is 18 mln. seedlings were grown and pavlovia plantations were established on 1500 hectares of land.

In 2017, afforestation was carried out on 46,900 hectares of land, and in 2021, 671,000 hectares of land were afforested, which is a 14-fold increase compared to 2017.

200 million within the national project "Green Space". more than 100,000 cuttings, sprouts and seedlings were planted, and "green parks" on a total of 588.4 hectares of land and "green public parks" on 662.3 hectares of land were established in the territories of our republic.

In the past period, 68,800 hectares of unused forest land areas were leased to individuals and legal entities based on a total of 6,892 contracts. As a result, 20,204 new jobs were created.

Also, in 2017, cultural plantations of medicinal and food plants were established on 1.3 thousand hectares of forest fund land, and in 2022, 4.8 thousand hectares were established on the land area, which means that the growth will continue. 'ati increased 3 times.

In 2017, the production rate of medicinal plant raw materials was 3,200 tons, and in 2022, 8,000 tons of products were produced, or 2.5 times more.

In 2017, the number of livestock in forestry farms was 18,000, and in 2022, together with private sector entities, the number of livestock was increased to 160,000.

As a result of the work carried out to develop poultry farming, the number of poultry in 2017 was 12,100, and in 2022, together with private sector entities, it will increase to 1,1 million. delivered to the head.

In 2017, the number of bee colonies on the lands of the Forest Fund amounted to 11,800 units, and in 2022, this indicator, together with private sector entities, reached 210,000 units.

In the past period, the number of ecotourism facilities on the land of the forest fund increased to 272, and 30 new ecoroutes were developed and mapped. Currently, the forest fund has 124 386 bln. Soum ecotourism projects are being implemented.

In particular, in cooperation with international financial organizations, 7 grant projects were implemented in 2021 with a value of 9 million. 2 regional projects worth USD are being implemented.

It should be noted that in 2022, the World Bank will allocate 142 million to the forestry sector of our country. Allocation of a preferential loan in the amount of US dollars was approved, and in 2023 the value is 40 mln. Negotiations on the implementation of 7 projects worth US dollars (Global Environmental Fund (GEF), European Investment Fund (EIF), World Bank (TWB)) are underway.

Special attention is paid to increasing the potential of personnel working in the field of forestry. Over the past period, the share of highly educated personnel increased from 12 percent to 25 percent, including the employment rate of forest specialists with higher education increased by 711 or 62 percent.

The value of 3.15 bln. 6 projects worth soums were implemented.

In particular, a gene pool of more than 15 species of desert plants adapted to the region's climate was established on a total area of 2 hectares in different soil conditions of the bottom of the dry Aral Sea.

Research Institute of Forestry, Research and Production Center for Cultivation and Processing of Medicinal Plants, Design Institute "Forest Project" were established.

In order to strengthen the integration of science and production, 1 branch, 5 experimental stations and 2 scientific centers were established in the system of the Forestry Research Institute.

13 new varieties of pistachio adapted to local conditions, created by field scientists, were entered into the state register, and nursery gardens were established in 8 state forest farms.

Promising species were selected from 76 types of woody hybrid poplar varieties imported from countries such as Germany, Italy, Greece and Turkey, and cultivation was introduced in a number of regions of the republic. In order to increase timber forest products, 6 new types of fast-growing poplar and 2 hybrids of pavlovnia were brought from foreign countries, and their seedlings were grown in the "in-vitro" laboratory.

In order to attract foreign financial, material, intellectual and other resources, modern technology and experience in the field of management to the field of forestry and use them effectively, the USA, the Russian Federation, Turkey, China, the Republic of Korea have developed forestry. , cooperation relations with Japan, Iran and other foreign countries were strengthened.

In particular, 3 experts from Turkey (Akhmad Yalvoch), South Korea (Professor Lee Duk San) and Japan (Takeda Yasuke) were attracted to our country for a long time as international experts.

The gross income of forestry in 2017 was 73.6 billion. amounted to 265 billion soums in 2022. was delivered to soum.

Indicators to be achieved by the end of 2023:

Forest groves will be established on 230,000 hectares of land, tree plantations on 2,500 hectares, 1,200 tons of seeds will be prepared and 113 mln. seedlings and saplings of trees and shrubs suitable for climatic conditions (5 million pavlovia, 15 million poplar, 40 million mulberry) are grown.

Due to the diversification of the forest economy through the use of additional reserves, the gross income in 2022 will be 300 billion. it is planned to reach soum. Also, 10,000 new jobs will be created.