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Brief information on the project of sustainable restoration of landscapes of Uzbekistan (RESILAND) (P174135):

Purpose and components of the project. The purpose of project development (LIChM/ PDO) is this

It is aimed at expanding the scope of sustainable landscape management in selected regions of Uzbekistan and developing cross-border landscape restoration cooperation between Central Asian countries.

The project to restore sustainable landscapes of Uzbekistan consists of a total of 153 million US dollars.

Of these, USD 142 million is financed by an IDA loan, USD 8 million is a grant from the PROGREEN Trust Fund, and USD 3 million is a grant from the Korea World Bank Cooperation Fund (KWPF).

Component 1 of the project: Strengthening institutions and legislation and regional cooperation (US$ 10.50 million from the International Development Association (IDA); US$ 2.00 million from PROGREEN and US$ 3.00 from the Bank of Korea Cooperation Fund). This component funds consulting services, supplies, training sessions and seminars, and operational costs. Sub-component 1.1 supports the development of forestry, as well as the restoration and sustainable management of forest landscapes in Uzbekistan and in support of Uzbekistan's Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) and Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) goals. help create the legal and institutional framework for capacity building of key stakeholders. 1.2- this sub-component constitutes a platform of information and communication technologies (ICT) for the restoration of forest landscapes (FLR) and forest management, including the national system of forest monitoring (OMKMT). Sub-component 1.3 to align policy and strategy and address new emerging climate threats at the regional level, such as warming temperatures, changing precipitation patterns and biodiversity loss, and droughts contributes to the strengthening of cooperation between the Central Asian countries on the creation of a regional landscape restoration platform. The regional secondary effectiveness of this sub-component is related to the strengthening of mutual knowledge and coordination of planning, standards, technologies and assessment methods for the restoration of the transboundary landscape across Central Asian countries.

Project Component 2: Landscape (US$84.00 million by International Development Association (IDA); US$6.00 million by PROGREEN). This component funds works, consulting services, non-consulting services, goods, training and seminars, and operational costs. Subcomponent 2.1 consists of forest landscape restoration and improved management. It includes the following activities:

a) development of a system based on a three-level electronic geographic information system (GIS) as a tool for decision-making in tree planting and species selection;

b) planting trees for protection forests/reforestation purposes; c) activities aimed at ecosystem services, including afforestation activities by farmers (Green wager program), activities to increase bio-diversity and others.

Within sub-component 2.2, attention is paid to strengthening the sources of income created by the population and creating new sources, including grants for small business development, business training and others.

Component 3 of the project: (US$ 40.00 million from the International Development Association (IDA)). This component funds consulting services, non-consulting services, loans or grants suitable for entrepreneurship development, training and seminars, and operational costs. Sub-component 3.1 is aimed at improving the management of protected areas in Uzbekistan. Funding will be provided for the protection and management systems of two protected areas under the Department of Forestry - Zomin National Park (Jizzakh) and Zarafshan National Park (Samarkand).

Sub-component 3.2 promotes ecologically sustainable and climate-resilient nature-based tourism for local communities and the growing number of international tourists.

Investments are made in the lands of the Forest Management Fund such as Bobotog and Uzun (Surkhandare), Pop (Namangan), Kalansir (Sirdare), Kitob and Shakhrisabz (Kashkadare), as well as in the territories of Jizzakh, Samarkand, Surkhandare, Namangan, Sirdare and Kashkadare national parks or in the area adjacent to them. is increased.

Project Component 4: Project Management and Coordination (US$7 million from the International Development Association (IDA)). Component 4 of the project will finance consulting services, non-consulting services, goods, training and seminars, and operational costs. This component provides additional operational and training costs to the Project Implementation Team (LAOG/ PIU) and regional level project implementation teams within the International Relations and Ecotourism Development (SCF-IRED) Department of the State Forestry Committee. provides training as well as operational costs of the National Steering Committee (NSC) and the Technical Expert Group. The Project Implementation Team is responsible for project management, coordination and reporting tasks, including preparation of annual work plans and budgets, procurement activities, financial management of project funds (MB/FM), recruitment of external auditors, development and maintenance of the project communication program. -support, as well as a complaints handling mechanism, monitoring and evaluation and reporting. The project implementation team is also responsible for ensuring the project's compliance with environmental and social standards, gender sensitivity and citizen engagement.

Environmental and social management documents under the project for sustainable restoration of landscapes of Uzbekistan (RESILAND) (P174135) are open to the public and are available on our website in English and local languages:

Updated documents will be posted on this page.

1. Environmental and social responsibility plan (PESO).

2. Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP).

3. Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP).

4. Plan Vzaimodeystviya s Zainteresovannimi Storonami (PVZS).

5. Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF).

6. Ramochniy Dokument po Ekologicheskim i Sotsialnim Zashitnim Meram

7. Labor Management Plan

8. Is the plan a management resource?

9. Process Framework and Resettlement Process Framework

10. Framework document po process and framework document po pereseleniyu

The list of additional industrial investment projects proposed for inclusion in the addressed part of the Investment program of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2019, approved by the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-4067 dated 19.12.2019.

Name of initiators and projects

State Forestry Committee Foreign Direct Investments and Loans: Creation of Waste Gravel Processing Plant

Name of regions: Bukhara region

Design capacity: 70 tons per year

Implementation period: 2019-2021

Foreign partner / creditor: RRB REAL ROAD BUILDING LLC Joint venture

The total cost of the project: $2 million

Expected value 01.01.2019: $2 million

Development information for 2019: 1 mln

2019 attraction (funding) forecast: $1 million

Basis for inclusion in the program: letter of the State Forestry Committee 01/13-3895 dated 11.11.2019