Citizen appeal

About the procedure for accepting applications, proposals, and complaints:

The application of an individual must include the individual's surname (first name, patronymic), information about his place of residence.

The legal entity's application must contain the full name of the legal entity, information about its location (postal address).

In the appeal of a physical and legal person, the exact name of the state body, organization, position and (or) surname (first name, patronymic) of the official to whom the appeal is sent must be indicated, as well as the nature of the appeal.

E-mail addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers of the applicants may be indicated in the applications.

Applications can be submitted in the official language and in other languages.

The written application must be confirmed by the signature of the applicant natural person or the signature of the authorized person of the applicant legal entity. If it is not possible to confirm the written application of an individual with the applicant's signature, this application must be confirmed with the signature of the person who wrote it, and his surname (name, patronymic) should also be written.

Documents confirming their authority are attached to the applications submitted through the representatives of the applicants.

Applications are received by the chief specialist of the State Forestry Committee on working with applications of individuals and legal entities.

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