22/05/24, 15:50


Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 24, 2023 According to the Decree No. PF-199 "On measures to further increase the level of greenness in the republic, to ensure environmental stability through the consistent implementation of the national project "Green Space"" in 2024 by forestry companies Funds were allocated for the purchase of necessary equipment and special equipment for the establishment of a forest, its restoration, protection and measures to fight against forest fires, and for the purchase of basic tools in order to strengthen the material and technical base.

In particular, it is planned to purchase water-carrying equipment for watering planted seedlings.

Taking into account the above, the measures of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 24, 2023 "Further increasing the level of greenness in the Republic, consistent implementation of the nationwide project "Green Space" by the Forestry Agency are appropriate. "On the basis of the decree No. PF-199, proposals are accepted from local manufacturers, their official dealers and distributors who have the possibility of short-term delivery of water-carrying equipment, to the agency's e-mail address until May 31, 2024. does.

The proposals are reviewed by the procurement committee of the agency and the most favorable proposals are selected.

Contact phone number. 71-263-06-70, 71-263-04-20,

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