12/02/24, 12:07

What was done in the digitalization of the forestry industry in 2023?

Ensuring the integration of science and production in the field of forestry, introducing modern information and digital technologies into the educational process, and improving the system of training personnel with sufficient knowledge and skills based on advanced foreign experience intended.

In particular, over the past years, an information billing system has been developed for keeping accounts of leased forest fund lands, by launching the system, all lease contracts are entered into the system, and automatic account book keeping of all payments is started. Through this system, the works carried out on leased land are monitored. It is also planned to reduce the time spent on reports by 80% as a result of the system launch.

Thus, the mobile application "Forest Mobile" was launched, it was possible to deliver news, use state services, and get quick information about the events that happened on the lands of the forest fund through the mobile application.

The "Smart forestry" information system, which provides the opportunity to collect, process, store and present forest fund land information based on geospatial data, was launched in test mode. Through this system, forest fund land information will be updated based on geospatial data. The system allows digitization and mapping of information about forest fund lands, as well as planning.

For information, it should be noted that 1.1 tons of seeds of desert and other types of trees and shrubs were collected by forest farms on the land of the forest fund. The total area of nurseries and nurseries reached 1.3 thousand hectares, and 166 million seedlings and saplings of various fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs were grown.

M. Satimbayev - head of ICT introduction and digitization department