12/07/23, 11:32

The event "Dolzarb 30 days" on ensuring fire safety is being introduced

It is known that forest fires occur in forests due to lightning strikes or extremely dry climate and human factors in different regions of our Kurrai land.

In order to further strengthen measures aimed at ensuring fire safety, based on the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, the event "Dolzarb 30 days on ensuring fire safety" is being introduced in the territory of the republic from July 10 to August 10, 2023. During this event, it is ensured that the measures established by the Forestry Agency are implemented.

Forestry enterprises, organizations and institutions should keep primary means of extinguishing fire in each section (forest section), if necessary, extinguish certain fires in forests at the initial stage. will be organized independently. In forestry plots, the presence of buildings attached to the heads of forest plots (foresters) for the storage of fire-fighting equipment and tools, as well as equipment and supplies for minor repairs, is checked.

Dilrabo Boboyeva, information service of the Forestry Agency